Wandina Primary School has a dress code. Acceptance of enrolment at the school, is on the understanding that the school’s dress code will be adhered to. Classes on excursion must be in uniform, unless the consent of the Principal to vary this has been granted. Parents will receive a note home, if students are not wearing their uniform on a regular basis. Kindergarten students are also required to wear school uniform.

Footwear: Shoes, joggers or sandals are acceptable. Bare feet, thongs and crocs (or similar) are not
Jewellery: Jewellery is discouraged. The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to jewellery. Jewellery should be unobtrusive and not present a health or safety hazard.
Facial piercing is discouraged, and parents will be contacted for approval to any new piercings. Jewellery should be restricted to watches, plain rings, sleepers, studs and short simple necklaces. (Includes Medic Alert jewellery)
Cosmetics: Other than for medical reasons (e.g., Ruby birthmark), the wearing of cosmetics is not
Special Groups: Head-dress of the Muslim community is recognised as appropriate uniform. (White, Navy Blue or Teal preferred.)
Excursions: Full school uniform to be worn unless otherwise authorised by the Principal.
Hair: Long hair to be tied back.
Hats: Must be worn for all outdoor activities as part of our SunSmart policy.

Students not following the dress code may be denied the opportunity to represent their school at official school activities, which include choir, school excursions, sporting and social events.