School Board

The Wandina Primary School Board is made up of parents and staff who meet twice a term to formulate the school’s educational objectives and priorities. The aim is to make it possible for all members of the school community to share in making decisions about the school’s educational environment.

In general terms, the Wandina Primary School Board:

  • represents the educational needs and aspirations of students, teachers, parents and the community.
  • determines school priorities.
  • assists in the formation of the School Business Plan
  • monitors the school’s learning outcomes.
  • reviews the school’s priorities.
  • monitors the allocation of resources (financial and human)

With the exception of the principal, members of the School Council are elected for a period of one year, two or three years. Parent representatives are nominated and elected by the Parents. Staff representatives are elected to their positions by the school staff.

Our Board Members include:

Michael Ostaszewskyj (Principal)

Simon Keemink (Chairperson)

Rajbir Kaur

Jaimee Skrutvold

Barb Glenister

Heather Pardoe

Kiara Jones

Michael Coughlan

Janica Ringwood

The School Board is essentially a decision-making group. It represents the school community in the process of school development planning and policy development. Please speak to your board members if you would like any information or ideas, discussed at board meetings.