P&C Association

The Parents and Citizens’ Assoc Inc was formed at the Wandina Primary School to support the school in obtaining funds and items that would directly benefit our students.

Our main effort for fundraising in 2018 is to commence plans for our School Amphitheatre.

We are also donating towards:

  • Indoor games for use in hall
  • More Trees & Shade Structures (for shade)

The P and C have also raised funds for:

  • The end of year book awards
  • $20,000 to complete the ECE Nature Playground
  • $20,000 to commence work on the Community/School Nature Playground at Derna Park
  • Big fans for school hall

Please join our Facebook page to receive the most up to date information about what is going on around the school.

The P&C Facebook page (search for Wandina Primary School P and C Association), which is used for daily memos & posts with information regarding P&C activities. Anyone who is a member of the page can post info, it will just need to be approved by admin:


Our General Meetings are held in Week 6 each Term. ALL ARE WELCOME.


Term 1                                                               Events Calendar for 2018

January  TBC                                                     Executive Meeting

Wednesday 21st Feb                                         AGM

Friday 16th March                                            QUIZ night

Thursday 29th March                                      Easter egg Raffle Draw

Friday 6th April                                                Disco


Term 2

Wednesday 23rd May                                    Executive Meeting

Wednesday 9th May                                      Mother’s Day Stall

Monday 14th May                                           Mother’s Day Morning Tea

Wednesday 6th  June                                     General Meeting

Friday 15th June                                              Lapathon


Term 3

Wednesday 8th August                                  Executive Meeting

Thursday 16th August                                   Sports Carnival (date TBC)

Wednesday 22nd August                              General Meeting

Wednesday 29th August                               Father’s Day Stall

Friday 31st August                                          Father’s Day Afternoon Tea

Friday 14th September                                  Disco


Term 4

Sunday 28th  October                          Wandina Primary  Family Fun Day

Wednesday  16th October                           Executive Meeting

Wednesday 14th November                       General Meeting

End of year Assembly Yr. 1 – Yr6            Christmas Raffle Draw

End of year Assembly ECE                         Christmas Raffle Draw



2018 P & C executive Committee, as voted at the AGM on 19th March:

President:                          Lesley Page

Vice President:                 Robyn Sarcich-Andrews

Secretary:                          Louise O’Malley

Treasurer:                         Katie Sluka                        wandinatreasurer@gmail.com

Canteen Representative: Kara Kamid

Fundraising Representative: Xoanon Lambert

Year 6 Representative: Amber Kenney

Fern Pardoe, Angela Bell & Hari Kumar.

Please feel free to contact any of the Executive Committee at any time for any issues, concerns or compliments.