The car park bays in the front carpark of the school are for staff use only.

The school has a “Kiss & Drop” zone at the front of the school adjacent to the front office with entry through the staff carpark. You child can enter your car ONLY when your vehicle is pulled up to the crosswalk. They are not to walk through the carpark. There is strictly NO PARKING in the staff car park, this area is for parents to drop students off and leave, it is not for parents to park and walk their children to/from class.

All concrete areas at the front of the school are not zoned for parking. Please use the car parking bays (5 km/h) in the area adjacent to the early childhood classes and the parking bay on Awanui Street near the school oval. Please ensure you reverse park so that you can see children who may be walking through the car park.

Zebra Crossings

Children will be riding bikes/scooters and walking to and from school, please ensure you slow down and stop for children going across the zebra crossings out the front of the school.