iPads at School

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21st Century Learning – School Board Presentation

This flyer will answer your questions about the BYOD program such as – Why have we chosen to go BYOD ?, Why is it important for your child to have access to technology?, What type of iPad does my child in year 2-6 need?

Do I need to provide an iPad for my child?  

The school will have a small bank of iPads available in each classroom for some students to access.  Students will have limited access to a school iPad throughout the day and may have to share the school iPad with a group of students. Pre-Primary and Year 1 students will also have access to the iPads in the classroom to support the achievement of the  Digital Technologies outcomes outlined in the Australian Curriculum.

Cyber Safety

The Department of Education provides all schools with Internet access. This access is provided with ‘Dan’s Guardian’ which provides filters and security to provide a safe and secure web browsing experience for the students whilst they are on-line. Schools are further able to enhance these security settings by blocking sites, phrases and file extensions as an added level of on-line safety.

The school is currently investigating an iPad app called Curbi which provides parents and the school with the ability to manage the children’s iPad experience, prevent in-App purchases, ban adult content and establish firm boundaries that control the iPad.

Towards NAPLAN On-Line – Flier information for parents

iPad Purchasing Information about prices to purchase iPads.





Wifi and Health fact Sheet


Cheat sheets and other information for parents

How to Restrict iMessages on the iPad

How to Create an Apple ID on the iPad

How to Create and Add Apps to Folders

How to Remove Folders

How to Set up a Passcode on your iPad

How to Turn on Parental Restrictions for the iPad

Required iPad Apps 2021

Suggested iPad Apps 2021

BYOD iPad Usage Policy

iPad iPromise – lower primary

iPad iPromise – upper primary