Other Things to Know

Parent Roster

We value the assistance provided by parent helpers and encourage all parents/carers in being a helper. We are aware that due to work commitments some parents will find it difficult to help out in the classroom but the teachers may have other opportunities where you can assist.

Being a helper provides an opportunity to observe and interact with your child as well as see how your child interacts with other children. We request that younger brothers and sisters not accompany you to the centre when on roster as it is your Kindergarten / Pre Primary child’s special time with you. Grandparents are very welcome too!

A roster will be available outside your child’s centre for you to add your name as a parent helper.


On your child’s birthday you are welcome to send along a cake to celebrate their special day. You might like to send in 1 large cake or enough small cakes for the class. Please inform the teacher the day before if you are intending on bringing a cake so that any students with allergies can be catered for. Birthdays are also a time when it is permissible to bring toys to school.


Please do not allow your child to take toys to school for play because they usually end up lost or broken and become the cause of much distress for all involved. If your child brings a toy for news then it will be placed in a designated area for safekeeping.

Playground Equipment

All children (toddlers included) are prohibited from using the equipment before and after school sessions, as the equipment is designed to be used with teacher supervision only.

Please help your children to understand and follow these rules.

Clothing and Washing Instructions

Kindergarten and Pre Primary students are encouraged to wear the school uniform which is available for purchase from the school canteen. Please remember it is inevitable that the children will sometimes come home dirty.

A spare set of clothes/underwear, clearly labelled with your child’s name, is essential. These items need to remain in your child’s bag.

The paints we use in the centres are water-based and washable. Should it be spilt or splashed on clothing:

  • Soak the garment in COLD water
  • Rub stain with stain remover
  • Wash as normal.

DO NOT USE HOT WATER under any circumstances as this will set the stain.

One Last Note

If you are worried about anything concerning your child, please do not hesitate to see the teacher. If we can’t help you, we are in a position to direct you to someone who can.

We do urge that if you need to discuss your child with us, you do so in a private way, away from your child and their classmates.