If your child is unwell, please keep them at home, even if they wish to come. Children with bad colds, sore throats or tummy upsets are best kept at home.

Infectious Diseases

The following is a list of infectious diseases and when it is advisable for your child to return to school.

Chicken PoxWhen sufficiently recovered (Usually once all sores have healed and redness fades)
ConjunctivitisOnce effective treatment has been commenced
DiphtheriaMedical certificate only
Viral HepatitisMedical certificate only
Impetigo (School Sores)Must be under treatment inc. use of occlusive dressings
Influenza ReturnWhen symptoms have subsided
MeaslesSeven days from onset
MumpsOn medical certificate of recovery
Head Lice -Pediculosis (Nits)Once treated (see following)
RingwormOnce all signs have subsided
Rubella (German Measles)Medical certificate only
ScabiesOnce effective treatment has been instituted
Whooping CoughMedical certificate only