Drop Off & Pick Up

Arrival and Departure

It is very important that your child arrives and is collected on time. This will avoid any unnecessary distress that your child will experience due to lateness.

In order to provide the highest possible standard of care for such young children, Kindy and Pre Primary children must be accompanied to and from the classroom door by a responsible adult.

They cannot be dropped off in the car park.

Please wait with your child outside your child’s classroom until their Kindy or Pre-Primary begins.

Children will not be permitted to leave until a parent or adult comes to the door. If your child is accompanied or picked-up by someone other than yourself, please let the teacher know. If another adult will continually pick up your child, we require a signed note by the parent.

Playground Equipment

All children (toddlers included) are prohibited from using the equipment before and after school sessions, as the equipment is designed to be used with teacher supervision only.

Please help your children to understand and follow these rules.

If your child is distressed at you leaving

Separation anxiety can be very traumatic for the parent and for the child so we would like to give you an idea of the best thing to do should this happen to you and your child.

If your child becomes upset try to understand that he/she is probably scared you won’t come back.

Give your child a hug and reassure them that you will be back. Explain that you will be picking them up and if still teary repeat your reassurance by giving him/her a kiss – then take a deep breath and leave. This is the very best thing to do. Staff will help to comfort and reassure your child once you have left. In most cases, once you have left they soon settle into an activity. Delaying your parting makes it harder for you and your child.

If you are still concerned after you have left, please phone and we will let you know how they are going. Some children take a while to settle and the tantrums and tears may last a week or more.

Don’t be dismayed or give up. It is most important to be consistent. If you leave your child each day with a reassuring smile and return for them on time they will soon relax and enjoy themselves.