What to Bring Each Day


Each child should have their own bag to keep their belongings in. A bag that is large enough to hold their lunch box, hat, spare clothes & jumper. Please ensure that the bag is clearly labelled with your child’s name. Encourage your child to be responsible for their own bag by having them hang it up and collect it. Encourage independence – have your child carry their own bag.



Shoes that children can take off and put on themselves are highly recommended.



It is school policy that all children wear a hat while playing outside. Every child is required to bring a hat to Kindergarten with their name clearly labelled on it. Children who do not have a hat available are asked to remain in the sheltered sandpits or verandah while the other children are at play.



The children will have fruit time in the morning, when they commence full days, and it is requested that your child bring a piece of fruit or equivalent (polony, cheese, etc) to be cut up and shared for the children’s morning snack. The children will place their fruit in the fruit bowl when they first arrive in the morning. You might need to remind your child to do this in the first few weeks until it is part of their routine.



  • Children will need to bring a healthy lunch to Kindy/Pre Primary in a lunch box that has the child’s name on both the lid and the box. We ask that you do not send chips, lollies or chocolates.
  • Please remember to place a spoon in your child’s lunch box if they are having yogurt.
  • If an orange or similar is included in their lunch, please cut into quarters and wrap it.
  • Children may bring a drink if they wish.
  • Kindy and Pre Primary students are encouraged to bring a labelled water bottle into the classroom for their personal use. Cold water from the water fountain is available.

In the event of an accident, please have these in their Kindy/Pre Primary bag at all times.