Change of address enrolment details

Parents are required to keep the school informed of any changes of address or caregiver’s phone numbers. This is essential to allow quick contact with parents in emergency situations.

Communication with teachers

Parents are encouraged to make direct contact with classroom teachers to deal with matters of concern. For quick matters, immediately before or after school are ideal times. For more involved matters, an interview time will need to be made with the teacher. Any parent wishing to discuss concerns with the School Executive regarding their child’s teacher, they will need to have addressed the concerns with the teacher first.

Please keep the teacher informed of anything that may impact on the child’s emotional wellbeing at school. This allows the teacher to be proactive and support your child through difficult situations.


School newsletters are issued at least twice a term., it is sent to all parents via SMS and is available on our website. Please keep an eye out for the Newsletter! It contains useful information about the school’s activities.


Assemblies occur on a regular basis each term. Their main purpose is to acknowledge student achievement and to communicate information. Dates and times for assemblies are advertised in the school newsletter and term planner. Classes take turns to organise and conduct these events and to present an item.

Parents and interested community members’ attendance at assemblies is always appreciated by students and staff. Please check the term planner, sent out with the newsletters for assembly dates and times.

Parents will be contacted by the school if their child is receiving a merit certificate at the next assembly.


It will be expected that children do some form of homework during the school week. This will include home reading and any activities teachers send home as revision of class work students have been involved in. Homework is a valuable means of consolidating and reinforcing what has been taught in the class. In the early years it usually takes the form of daily oral reading or spelling. Parents are asked to assist whenever needed. Homework may not be provided on a regular basis but may be included by the teacher whenever appropriate.

Excursions and incursions

Parents are informed in writing of any excursions. Written permission and payment of any costs are required before a student is permitted to attend an excursion. Parents are requested to return permission slips promptly to facilitate the organisation required for excursions. Students must wear school uniforms on excursions.

Incursion information is included in the school newsletter. Please look out for these details and return any payments to class teacher in an envelope with the exact money enclosed and the child’s name on the front.

Transferring to other schools

Please inform the office staff as soon as you know your child will be moving to another school. This allows all the necessary arrangements to be made for your child’s school materials to be taken to the new school and school records to be sent as required.