Behaviour Management

The school behaviour management policy is based around encouraging and teaching students to make good choices regarding their own behaviour and to stay in control at all times, ensuring the school environment is a safe place for all students.

The school has a set of behaviour expectations that all students follow.

School expectations

Be Respectful

1. We speak kindly to others

2. We follow instructions

3. We keep our hands and feet to ourselves

Be Safe

4. We walk on the concrete

5. We sit whilst eating

6. We are sunsmart

Be Responsible

7. We are prepared for school

8. We look after our environment

9. We report problems to the teacher

Be Our Best 

10. We challenge ourselves

11. We take pride in what we do

12. We encourage others

We focus on one of these behaviours each fortnight and discuss the behaviours with students before school and at our whole school student WASS sessions each fortnight.

Bullying Prevention

The school will not tolerate behaviour that causes intimidation, threat or harassment. Bullying is a conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten another person. It can be physical or verbal in nature. All students and parents are encouraged to report bullying incidents so it can be dealt with appropriately.

Parents are reminded that they are NOT to approach other students regarding any issues that may have occurred at school as this will be seen as intimidating behaviour. It is the responsibility of the school to deal with issues that occur in school time. Please give the school the opportunity to do this.

A pamphlet is available from the front office outlining our approach, when dealing with bullying.

This will be provided to all families at the beginning of the year.

Bullying Information Pamphlet

Good Standing Policy

The school is required to develop a Good Standing Policy to support students making appropriate behaviour choices at school and clearly outlines the consequences of their behaviour.

Good standing Policy