Attendance & Arrival

Students MUST attend every day unless they are ill. Attendance is compulsory for students from Pre Primary to year 6 and every absence must be explained by written or verbal information from parents or caregivers. If a child is absent without explanation, a note will be sent home. Please advise your child’s teacher of any illness or injury that is likely to result in an absence of more than a few days. Kindergarten students, once enrolled, need to attend every day and also have absences explained verbally or in writing.

Drop off and parking

Kiss and Drive:

The parking areas at the front of the school are kiss and drive. Please drop your children off in these bays, do not park there to walk your children into school.

Parking Bays:

  • At the back of the Kindy / Pre Primary centres in the car park near the shire oval
  • In the bays opposite Turtle Cove

Please DO NOT Park:

  • In the drop off and pick up zones in at the front of the school
  • In the staff car park during the morning and afternoon pick up times

Picking students up during school hours

Students can only leave the school during lesson times for unavoidable appointments. Anyone picking a student up MUST sign them out at the office first and take an authorisation slip to the teacher. NO student can be released from class without this authorisation slip. This ensures we are adhering to the Department of Education guidelines in relation to duty of care for students.

Arrival to school

Students must arrive at school between 8:30am and 8:50am, with the exception of bus students who are supervised. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure your child/children arrive on time to prepare for the day and be settled before lessons start.

Students should not arrive at school before 8:30am

All classrooms will be open at 8:30am for students to get organised for the day.

Students who arrive before 8:30am are to go straight to the under-cover area near the Deputies office where they will be supervised until 8.30am. They are not to go directly to classrooms.

Students arriving late should come through the front office to be signed in and obtain a late for their teacher.

Bicycles and scooters at school

Students who ride bicycles/scooters to school are required to leave them in one of the bike racks whilst they are at school. It is strongly recommended that they be chained and padlocked for safekeeping. The Education Department does not accept responsibility for theft or damage to any child’s bicycle/scooter brought onto the school property. Parents should make inquiries through their Home Contents insurance policy provider to insure their child’s bicycle/scooter.

Bicycles/scooters are not to be ridden in the school grounds. Students will be asked to walk them on the school pathways to ensure the safety of those who are walking. Helmets must be worn when riding a bike/scooter.

Students are not to play near the bike racks and must not interfere with other people’s bicycles.

Students are not to bring rip sticks or skateboards to school.

Bus arrival to school

Students arriving on the bus in the morning must inform the bus supervisor as to whether they will travel in the afternoon. At the Bus Stop children are expected to make the right choice at all times.

This means following the bus rules.

  1. Have a drink and toilet stop before arriving at the bus stop.
  2. Walk to the bus stop on the footpath.
  3. Remain 1 metre from the curb at all times.
  4. Line up for bus in order of eldest to youngest.
  5. ONLY board the bus you are catching and remain seated on that bus until the bus stops.
  6. Report to the bus supervisor if departing with parent.
  7. If late, report to the bus supervisor with reason.
  8. Good behaviour will be rewarded.

Remain at the bus stop until your bus arrives. A permission note is required from parent if student is required to leave the bus area.